About us

Shipzo Co. was founded in April 2018 by our Managing Director Jose Santos Gomez Arizpe and other investors. Our founders’ vision was to create a logistics company that would benefit any party that came in touch with it. From its founders, the communities where it has offices, the people that work in it, and last but certainly not least, its clients. The goal was to make sure that everyone that came in contact with Shipzo Co. would feel a tangible benefit and be glad to have encountered us.


Of course, our clients are the happiest group that Shipzo Co. touches. As many testimonials can attest, Shipzo Co. is dedicated to solving the many issues the global supply chain can bring to our clients. We know that every client is different, and we treat them as such by adapting ourselves and our solutions to what the situation demands.

We have a passionate and dedicated team with many years of experience that gives our clients their best, but also knows when to log off and let the next shift take their place. This allows us to, as a company, always be available for our clients, while also letting our staff recharge and be ready to take on the next day.

Lastly, we know that constant communication is something that our clients will always value, so we place an emphasis on providing it. Our excellent tracking software and our committed team are all that is needed for the information to always be reliable and on time.